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Global Organic Alliance is always welcoming new members. Simply download and fill in the below registration form, and you’re on your way to becoming GOA’s newest member!

GOA Registration Form Download (75KG)
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Current Members

Membership Directory will be removed and the USDA Organic Integrity Public Database link will be added for the consistent updating of certification information for our member/clients.

USDA Organic Integrity Public Database Link   – To search for GOA Members : Click in Certifier box and select [GOA] Global Organic Alliance, Inc

The following documents are for our Member/Clients to utilize with recordkeeping:

Adjoining Land Use Template AT014

Breeding Record AT025

Breeding Stock Inventory AT023

Buffer Harvest Log AT009

Clean Transport Affirmation AT021

Compost Log AT008

Edible Product 16 AT029

Elements of a Lot Number OD005

Elements of Audit Trail OD004

Equip Clean Down log AT013

Facility Clean Down log AT032

Fertility Soil Monitoring Log AT006

Field Activity Log AT003

Field History Crop Changes AT001

Field Input Log AT002

Field Map Sample AT004

Harvest Log AT011

Herd Flock Health AT027

Ingredient Verification Template AT031

Ingredient Log AT030

Irrigation Log AT010

Livestock Feed Log AT026

Livestock Sales AT028

Neighbor Notification Letter AT015

Market Animal Inventory AT024

Pest Disease Weed Log AT007

Pest Log StorageFacility AT019

Raw Manure Log AT012

Sales Record AT022

Storage Facility Map AT005

Storage Log offarm AT018

Storage Log onfarm AT016

Storage Log Split Operation AT017

Warehouse Verification AT020

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