October 2014 – Betty’s Bits



Oct, 2014 – Vol. 15.2

Betty’s Bits

Well, GOA made it through both the USDA and Canadian audits without too many “areas of concern”. Enjoyed a couple of “spirited” discussions and learned some things as we usually do.

My “boys” [two Jersey steers] are growing. They love their cookies, which means they will follow me anywhere.

GOA made it through both the USDA /ISO 17065 and Canadian Audits with only one minor noncompliance. Whew…. It seems no matter how hard we work, they always find at least one thing we miss. But, that is their job and as long as they are “minor” I can live with it.

This past year we have had several members visit the office. Some just to say hi and others to go over their files one on one with a coordinator. No matter the reason, we are very pleased to have the opportunity to put a face to a voice and show off our office building. All visitors are welcome. In fact, with a couple of days notice, we can have donuts to go with the coffee.

I have been approached from time to time by farmers asking us to have “classes” on how to complete the Organic Systems Plan(s). I am not opposed to doing this, but, without at least 7 attendees, it would not be cost effective. GOA would not charge for attendance, however a lot of preparation, documents copied, as well as scheduling of time does have a cost. If any of you are willing to gather between 7 and 20 participants, we would be pleased to set up a one day seminar. Or another way to learn more about the process of certification would be to attend our Annual.

Inspector Workshop. It is a two day event. There is no charge to attendees. Our Coordinators are always ready and willing to assist over the phone. All staff is here to answer questions, research a product, etc.

A very special THANK YOU to all that take the time to send notes and call with compliments on our service!!! You have no idea how heart warming that is. All of us are aware that you pay our salaries and put “the bread” on our tables, so we try very hard to earn that pay check. To be made aware that we are succeeding, well—just makes us try harder.


Best to all,

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